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[Still Twila infected and, other than the drab colour of her wings, otherwise unconcerned with the change, Grell is lounging on a rooftop in the village square toward the end of the day.]

Strange how things have been lately, isn't it? Strange, but not enough - I thought someone might die this round, but it seems we're all being quite kind to each other. ...For now.

Just a quick notice.

I was left that little club above the restaurant, Cloud Nine. If I were more inclined, I might even open it, but entertaining you isn't exactly what I do. Normally it's the other way around, but you've all been quite lively lately and not in the fun way. I would have made it a salon, but having a salon above a restaurant is a tad unclean.

So~ Any takers?

[For action people, anyone in the square toward dusk might find themselves a victim of Grell's less amiable nature. If she spies someone crossing the square, she'll throw a nail file at them like a dagger - aiming for the space just ahead of them to give him a fright.]
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Looking back on this month, you are all absolutely terrible at staying alive. For people who have such short lives anyway, you certainly do like to throw them away with abandon, don't you?

[She flips through the pages of a different book, humming to herself disapprovingly.]

Look at all these names. It's shameful, really. You're all powered up like electric lights in a world of gas lamps and you can't even keep yourself glowing?

Come now, Luceti. I was hoping for better than this.

[With her chiding over, she snaps the unseen book closed and the soft thump of the leather covers can be heard over the microphone.]

Speaking of, William has been returned home. I can't believe he left without me, but I suppose that coldness is what I love about him. [sigh] Just thought you should all know. Ta-ta.
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[Paperwork paperwork paperwork OH MY GOD NO. Grell slams her hands on her writing desk and flips the journal open.]

WILLIAM. We're going out. Now. No, don't argue. We're going.

To the rest of you, is there nowhere in this little bubble for a girl to find a proper hairdresser? Honestly, what have you all been doing?


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