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[Still Twila infected and, other than the drab colour of her wings, otherwise unconcerned with the change, Grell is lounging on a rooftop in the village square toward the end of the day.]

Strange how things have been lately, isn't it? Strange, but not enough - I thought someone might die this round, but it seems we're all being quite kind to each other. ...For now.

Just a quick notice.

I was left that little club above the restaurant, Cloud Nine. If I were more inclined, I might even open it, but entertaining you isn't exactly what I do. Normally it's the other way around, but you've all been quite lively lately and not in the fun way. I would have made it a salon, but having a salon above a restaurant is a tad unclean.

So~ Any takers?

[For action people, anyone in the square toward dusk might find themselves a victim of Grell's less amiable nature. If she spies someone crossing the square, she'll throw a nail file at them like a dagger - aiming for the space just ahead of them to give him a fright.]
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Private Action for Syre (removeimpurity) )


[long after the hullabaloo at Syre's apartment is over (much apologies to her neighbor - you know, if Grell cared enough to apologise), she'll finally make a request to the village.]

...How long does it take for things to repair again?

And is there anyone in this ragged village who can make a pair of glasses?


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