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[For those in the plaza, they may see Grell lounging on the edge of the clothing shop roof. She's just sitting, filing her nails and giving herself a manicure, watching people down below, but since Grell can't come into town without ruining someone's day, she pops the journal open to do just that.]

It seems the dead and nearly dead are coming back, hm? I say this every draft, so I do hate to sound like a broken record, but it also seems that none of you have quite figured out the trick of not getting yourselves killed out there.

Honestly, I've never seen a village so small so terrible at simply not dying. Just because you get a lovely free pass back from the afterlife doesn't mean you should abuse your privilege.

Do you have any idea how much paperwork I have to do now? It's awful.
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Looking back on this month, you are all absolutely terrible at staying alive. For people who have such short lives anyway, you certainly do like to throw them away with abandon, don't you?

[She flips through the pages of a different book, humming to herself disapprovingly.]

Look at all these names. It's shameful, really. You're all powered up like electric lights in a world of gas lamps and you can't even keep yourself glowing?

Come now, Luceti. I was hoping for better than this.

[With her chiding over, she snaps the unseen book closed and the soft thump of the leather covers can be heard over the microphone.]

Speaking of, William has been returned home. I can't believe he left without me, but I suppose that coldness is what I love about him. [sigh] Just thought you should all know. Ta-ta.


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