deadlyjuliet: (What did you say to me?!)
Grell Sutcliffe ([personal profile] deadlyjuliet) wrote2013-04-09 10:56 am

♥8 [action | video]

[Action for Community House 1 residents and surrounding area]
Early in the morning, Grell leaves the flat to do her usual rounds to see if anyone from the draft has returned yet. Upon not finding anyone, she returns to the apartment and the rest of CH1 can be treated to the sounds of her screaming loud enough to wake the dead. She throws her journal on the ground, which turns on the video function--

[Accidental Video]
[The camera is upside down, but very clearly shows what looks to be a funeral parlour - complete with coffins lined up on the walls and all the accoutrements necessary to set up shop nicely and neatly displayed.

Oh, and a very pissed off redhead screaming.

What have you done to my flat?!

[ The Undertaker will laugh from one of the many coffins in the room. A black nailed hand will reach out and slide the covering off of a coffin propped up on the wall. The Undertaker's smile is wide as he laughs again. ] Gufufu. I thought it would be more like home like this. You're lucky there aren't any guests in my coffins yet, you might have woken them otherwise, Shinigami.

[ Because Grell was loud enough to wake the dead right about now. ]




[And with that Grell races across the room, intent on strangling the intruder and throwing him out the window.]

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