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♥8 [action | video]

[Action for Community House 1 residents and surrounding area]
Early in the morning, Grell leaves the flat to do her usual rounds to see if anyone from the draft has returned yet. Upon not finding anyone, she returns to the apartment and the rest of CH1 can be treated to the sounds of her screaming loud enough to wake the dead. She throws her journal on the ground, which turns on the video function--

[Accidental Video]
[The camera is upside down, but very clearly shows what looks to be a funeral parlour - complete with coffins lined up on the walls and all the accoutrements necessary to set up shop nicely and neatly displayed.

Oh, and a very pissed off redhead screaming.

What have you done to my flat?!

[ The Undertaker will laugh from one of the many coffins in the room. A black nailed hand will reach out and slide the covering off of a coffin propped up on the wall. The Undertaker's smile is wide as he laughs again. ] Gufufu. I thought it would be more like home like this. You're lucky there aren't any guests in my coffins yet, you might have woken them otherwise, Shinigami.

[ Because Grell was loud enough to wake the dead right about now. ]




[And with that Grell races across the room, intent on strangling the intruder and throwing him out the window.]
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[ The Undertaker doesn't look too disturbed by this. Though he will give pause as Grell races towards him. He might try to divert her attack by dodging to left bringing himself nearer to the window. ]

Gufufu. Is that how you are to all your guests? My, my, isn't a lady supposed to be more proper? [ Another fit of giggles escapes him. ]
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[action] ...if anyone gets tossed out a window, he's there

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[Jigen sits bolt upright from where he had been on the couch. Holy hell, who was screaming like that? Christ, were they being murdered?

He fumbles for his journal and manages to catch the video.


Well, that explains a lot. He sighs and tugs his hat over his eyes, intent on ignoring everything.

More screaming. Oh my god, Grell. Think of your neighbors! Jigen huffs then pulls himself off the couch. Maybe it'll be quieter outside.

A short trip outside and Jigen finds that no, it is not that much quieter outside. He looks up the building.

Is that her window wide open? ...Is that someone possibly falling out of said window? Holy shit.

...Not his problem though.]
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Wow, rude. If you need some help redecorating, I don't mind volunteering.

[It'll take her mind off of the fact that her dad's gone missing and there's nothing she can do about it.]
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: [Video]

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That was just totally out of line. If someone did that to my room, I'd get my dad to punch them to the moon!

[ actually possible with her father's strength, assuming they didn't disintegrate before that.]
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It would save you time, too, unless your boyfriend was right there.

[Bulla's glad no one has attempted a redecorating disaster like that in her room.]

I'm Bulla, by the way. I thought I should introduce myself before coming over to help you with redecorating.
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At least if you need help, your boyfriend could come to help you...but looks like you handled it just fine on your own.

[Especially considering the redecorating choices.]

It's very nice to meet you, Grell. Was that guy even a guest, or did he invite himself in?
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That's true. My mom is definitely the one who's in charge at home, even though my dad's a big and strong warrior. And I'm pretty good at getting my own way, too.

[Because she's spoiled and is just sweet natured enough to get away with it.]

I hope you can teach him some manners, Grell. Calling without notice is rude enough. Redecorating without permission on top of that is Well, he's lucky all you did was throw him out the window.
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Because they only manage it for a short while if you throw them?

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[Bulla makes a face. What was Grell's unwanted visitor thinking?]

I really hope those coffins are empty.