deadlyjuliet: (Slasher)
Grell Sutcliffe ([personal profile] deadlyjuliet) wrote2013-01-22 10:54 am

♥7 [voice]

[Time ceased to matter the longer she was captive, leaving only the knowledge that there were a few hours between sessions and that after each one, she wished they'd just finish up with their theory that gods couldn't be killed. She'd lost track of the days, but she knew it was over 30 something sessions before they decided to take her glasses. Another 20 something after that and they'd resorted to less "scientific" methods.

Her return to Luceti was ignominious. Another trudging to the test chamber which she could barely see, and then a queasy sensation that dropped her to her knees.

Then a rush.

A buzzing in the head.

A heaviness that reminded her of what it meant to have power.

Her chainsaw was back and to hell with putting up with another beating. Dressed only in the New Feather pants that she hated so much, Grell calls the weapon into her hands and revs the engine. The grinding gears jump to life and Grell, blind and bruised, swings the thing in an arc, grinding into what feels like a table - slicing it straight through.



[long after the hullabaloo at Syre's apartment is over (much apologies to her neighbor - you know, if Grell cared enough to apologise), she'll finally make a request to the village.]

...How long does it take for things to repair again?

And is there anyone in this ragged village who can make a pair of glasses?

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