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Contact, Comments, Criticism, Permissions

If you would like to contact me (the player) about anything, or leave comments or criticisms about how I play Grell Sutcliffe, please use this post.

Anon is on, IP logging off, all comments are screened but may be unscreened for a short amount of time while I reply.

Regarding the use of personal pronouns for Grell

This is a note explaining my use of pronouns regarding Grell. For those unfamiliar with Grell's canon there is something very important to know in order to understand the character. Grell is biologically male, but mentally and emotionally female. From a physical standpoint, Grell looks every bit like a man - flat chest, Adam's Apple, broad shoulders - except for long red hair, mannerisms and the tendency to wear makeup (most often rouge, lipstick and fake eyelashes). On the other hand, mentally speaking, Grell considers herself a female and wishes to be referred to and treated as such.

If it is in-character for your character to refuse to call Grell by her preferred pronouns, then please do as your character would do and call her male. If it is more natural for your character to refer to Grell as female, then please act accordingly. When interacting with Grell for the first time, I will try to make it as clear as possible how Grell looks in juxtaposition to how she refers to herself, but in following interactions, she will be called female as she would prefer. This is a decision that has come about from trying to find a happy medium between introducing Grell via prose descriptions, an awareness of her own personal preferences, and to uphold awareness of transgender issues which have been brought to my attention in the past.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on how to deal with the issue of personal pronouns for Grell, please feel free to bring them forward here. I cannot guarantee that I will change my playing style to suit your vision of the character, but I will certainly listen.

Thank you.

Player Permissions for the Blood Use

Grell's mutant power is that she manipulates blood. If this is an uncomfortable issue for you and would prefer that Grell not touch your characters' blood, please let me know below. Conversely, if you're interested in having such interactions, hit me up here and we can plot something.