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Grell Sutcliffe ([personal profile] deadlyjuliet) wrote2028-10-23 06:08 pm
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Relationships and CR

♥ this red string of fate ♥
♥Darlings; family and close friends, unkillable, protected♥Dears; friends, but killable - it's only business
♥Sweeties; people of interest, killable♥Listed; hated, your death shall be a joy

My darling beau;
Touch him and die;
It shall be interesting to see how long we manage to keep this up, but the show he presents to me is the best I've ever had.
The angel;
Cold as the moon;
He knows me, but he's as silent and cold as the moon on an autumn's night. How I long to hear his angry quiet again.
The blue bird;
Good for a lift;
Odd fellow, pirate, but kind enough to get me back to the village and not ask questions. He's one of those things I don't quite understand yet, but I owe him one.
The thief;
Charming, but not enough;
Monsieur Lupin doesn't quite understand the act is not an act, but otherwise, he's polite, good for a chat up, but sadly just another human to be serviced one day.
The victim;
Not so innocent;
I barely remember him, but I do remember. Dear little Archie, let's see how our drama unfolds this time, hm?
Doctor Adele LeBlanc, French, a lady, and needing a bit of guidance in the care of her physical beauty. And she is quite beautiful. It's a shame about the company she keeps.
Smoker's precious, cute, little adopted mermaid fashion designer daughter; untouchable to be frank, but if it came down to it, I'd rather be the one to collect her. At least if it is me, I can be sure it shall be done right.
Smoker's flatmate and best friend. As long as they are friends, he remains outside my reach. Has a wolf for a pet and minds Smoker when I'm not about. Rather sweet kid.
♥ o n e   d a y   i ' l l   r i p   i t   a s u n d e r ♥

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